Villa Krizelna Resort

Villa Krizelna Resort is situated in San Rafael Bulacan and offers a series of swimming pools. THe pools cater to both adults and of course, the kids whose activities and fun should never end. The array of choices for their swimming pools makes them an ideal place to stay and enjoy your weekends and holidays with your family.  Villa Krizelna Resort is located in a province environment, in teh middle of central Luzon where rice fields and farms are. This will give you the fresh air you need, away from the metro. Among other enjoyments, the most notable would be their 10 different swimming pools. videoke bars, and airconditioned rooms for a cozy and elegant overnight stay.


Of course , the main attraction for a resort in Bulacan will always be the swimming pools – the 10 pools are designed differently so that each will feel differently. The different inspirations make it a unique experience in every dip. A shaded swiming pool is also made available for those that can’t stay that long under the heat of the sun. Their water treatment is specifically mixed so that it is healthy in every way p- all imported from a world class company in the US.


The accommodations for an overnight stay are marvelous. The cottages, like the pools are themed differently, so you can enjoy a different sight for your return visit. There are simple nipa hut type cottages, apartelles and more. You need not worry too, they offer towels and slippers – just like it should be. Their service is among the top in Bulacan Resorts. Villa Krizelna Resort also offers a Hotel service, these are located right beside the swimming pools and are all airconditioned to give you an elegant sleep at night.  You can also use the clubhouses that are very popular among visitors.


For the day trippers, you can also bring in food, enjoy grilling and dine in your cottages. They also have a videoke bar complete with drinks.



  • Adult  and Kiddie pools with mini-slides
  • Pavilions for conferences and private functions
  • Videoke bars
  • nipa huts for cottages
  • air-conditioned rooms for overnight stay
  • souvenir shop


DAY SWIM :  P 90.00  / P 80.00
NIGHT SWIM:  P110.00 / P100.00
OVERNIGHT:  P130.00 / P120.00

• P1,200.00 – small
• P3,000.00 – medium with videoke
• P3,500.00 – half with videoke
• P6,000.00 – big with videoke

VIP ROOMS:  3 hours at P450.00 ; 12 hours for overnight stay at P1,800.00

COTTAGES:  P200.00 – P1200 depending on the type of cottage


Contact Villa Krizelna Resort

Address:  Brgy. Coral Na Bato, San Rafael Bulacan
Contact Person:
Telephone Numbers:
Mobile Phone Numbers:  +639277814936/+639228814936