Golden Shower Garden and Resort Center

Golden Shower Garden and Resort is situated at the Garden City. This is  at  Guiguinto Cloverleaf . Everyone are welcome in this place. They have good Swimming pools and slides that are very family friendly.  The Gardens are very welcoming with a good accent of Nature. The Trees around works well with the Garden Resort Center.

The resort also has huts and cottages that you can rent for the day. The area has a picnic like feel, which is very homey. This humbling place will give you a lot of joy for a quick getaway in the weekends. The tall spiral slides will also give you the thrill – it is quite amazing and will provide an all day long entertainment. You are also welcome to stay for the night. The rooms are good and will give you that good night sleep you need to get you recharged.

This resort promotes the green lifestyle and the floral accent of the garden give your stay more life. This is vibrant way of expressing Guiguinto, where nature meets its visitors. You can contact Golden SHower Garden Resort with the numbers and details below. You can also find them at Facebook if you want to know more details.

Golden Shower Garden and Resort Center Features and Amenities

  • Cottages
  • Huts
  • Rooms
  • Family cottage
  • Ordinary room
  • Swimming Pools
  • Kiddie Swimming Pool
  • Pavilion
  • Garden
  • Grotto

Contact Golden Shower Garden and Resort

Tabe, Guiguinto, Bulacan.
Contact Person: 
Telephone Numbers: (632) 662-1111
Mobile Phone Numbers: 09063416534