DJ Paradise Resort

DJ Paradise Resort and Hotel  is in Malolos Bulacan and only 45 minutes away from Manila – making it a favorite attraction from the north side of the metro. This resort is also considered as Bulacan’s healthiest resorts. Their rating from the department of tourism is AAA – and that means a lot. This is one of the top resorts to be considered when you are planning a trip to a resort in Bulacan. They offer specials like a free entrance fee during your birthday and live bands during Fridays and Saturdays. This means that you get more from just your regular resort.

Bulacan is always known for their water parks – DJ paradise resort is one which can offer you this. They have a huge wave pool which kids can truly enjoy. Slides and the Kiddie makes it a family affair for this resort. There are a total of 9 pools in the resort. If you are not into the crowd, you can always take a pick at any of these pools. You can have a pool for group and dominate one – and splash your enjoyment without any repercussions. Be carefree!

Apart from their wonderful resort, they also have good accommodations through their hotels. They have executive suites that are fully furnished with direct access to the swimming pools and other attractions. Private cottages and apartelles are also available if you are coming with a group of friends and family. All in all there are a total of 55 rooms available including a dormitory type accommodation good for 15 pax.

DJ Paradise Resort has a pretty good online reputation – they give out announcements through social media on every given holiday. They do mean their business. Discounts and Resort Closure for maintenance is also included and broadcasted.



  • wave pool with cascading water falls
  • Jungle scenery
  • 22 hotel rooms
  • 12 Single-bed rooms
  • 20 Deluxe twin-bed rooms
  • 8 Dormitory-type rooms in Apartelle ( up to 18 pax per room)
  • picnic huts
  • Jacuzzi


Hotel Rooms

  • 2 Suites
  • 5 Executive rooms
  • 4 Deluxe rooms
  • 11 Standard rooms

Resort Rooms

  • 13 Private rooms
  • 8 dormitories
  • 20 apartelle rooms
  • 12 Single rooms
  • 2 Nipa houses
  • 13 private rooms

Contact DJ Paradise Resort

Address: McArthur Highway, Dakila Malolos City, Bulacan
Contact Person:
Telephone Numbers: (+6344) 791.5129 ; (+6344) 662.4135
Mobile Phone Numbers:  SUN (0922) 829.9391 ; GLOBE (0917) 883.6646