Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort

Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort is one of the most coveted resorts in the Bulacan area. The waterpark revolution in Bulacan is not stopping anytime soon. Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort is among the top tiers in Bulacan resorts because of its twin wave pools and a hotel accommodation. It is such a place to stay for a holiday – knowing that the staff will always be friendly and will cater to your needs.

The entrance fees are relatively ok  for a resort that offers a wave pool. This place also offers good food and cafes – so you will have something to do during the night time – when you want to enjoy some drinks and good food. The hotels may have had a good renovation – further improving their accommodations so guests can enjoy. All hotel rooms com with a fridge, a cable television and free wifi connection.


Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort


Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort Features

  • Cabanas and Cottages For pool side and day swimming accommodations
  • Twin Wave Pools to satisfy your water cravings
  • Cayen Island Cafe for refreshments
  • The Great Wall for your adventure driven holiday
  • Kiddie Pools for the the whole family to enjoy
  • Hidden Sanctuary Restaurant to feed you ready for the activities
  • Hidden Sanctuary Hotel – offers one of the best accommodations in Bulacan

Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort Accommodation Rates

Day Swimming rates from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Php 15O /head for adults and Php 100 for senior citizens and children below 4ft

Night Swimming rates from 6:00 PM to 3:00 AM and 5:00 AM cottage
Php 180 / head for adults and Php 150 for senior citizens and children below ft tall

Small Cottages  – Php 600 for 8 persons
Medium Cottages  – Php 800 for 12 persons
Large Cottages  – Php 1,000 for 15 persons
Extra large Cottages -PhP 2,000.00 for 30 persons

Junior Cabanas  – Php 1,200 for 15 persons
Premier Cabanas – Php 1,500 for 20 persons
Villa  – Php 2,000 for 30 persons


Other accommodations

Air-conditioned Room  – Php 2,800 for 12 persons

Umbrella with Tables  – Php 500 for 4 persons


Hotel Room Accommodations
Standard Room  – Php 2,000.00 for 2 persons
Deluxe Room  – Php 2,240.00 for 2 persons
Emperor Suite  – Php 2,400.00 for 2 persons
Family Room  – Php 2,560.00 for 4 persons
Superior Family Room  – 2,880.00 for 4 persons
Executive Suite  – Php 3,600.00 for 4 persons

All Hotel room accommodations are inclusive of the entrance fees a complimentary breakfast. All Hotel rooms are air-conditioned with cable television and refrigerator. The Hotel is offers free wifi connections. The hotel also charges Php150.00 for an extra mattress. The check in time is 2pm and the check-out time is 12:00 noon. The hotel also offers a private resort exclusive for hotel guests.

Excess persons for the hotel room accommodations, Hidden Sanctuary Hotel will charge Php 350.00 inclusive of breakfast and Php300.00 if without breakfast.

Contact Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort

Address:  Camansi Prenza 1, 3019 Marilao, Bulacan
Contact Person:
Telephone Numbers:
Mobile Phone Numbers:  0922-8884136 /0922-888-4135/ 0917-5558050
Email:  hsr_chen@yahoo.com
Website: http://hiddensanctuary.com.ph/


How to get there: 

From Balintawak take NLEX, then Marilao Exit. Then take the road going to San Jose Del Monte (LEFT TURN). You will pass by Divine Mercy Shrine, from there we are two (2) kilometers away. Then Petron,Prenza Elementary School then Yummy Chinese restaurant and KarlaVille Executive Village. A few meters uphill, you will find us! See you!