Villa Virgen Milagrosa Resort

Swimming pools and a Villa, this is the best thing about Villa Virgen Milagrosa Resort. This is a Villa in Bulacan where people get together and spend intimate times with family and friends. The place is more then adept to cater to bigger families that want to spend a holiday or two. The garden accentuate the resort, making this a pristine place for your get together.  Please contact this resort. The details are provided for below.

Hotels in Bulacan : Villa Virgen Milagrosa Resort

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Villa Virgen Milagrosa Resort Features

  • Swimming pools
  • Cottages
  • garden
  • Overnight Stay
  • Canteen


  • Cottages and Umbrella tents
  • Villa
  • Good space

Contact Villa Virgen Milagrosa Resort

Address:  314 Borol II, Balagtas, Bulacan
Contact Person:  Milagros Matias
Telephone Numbers:  +63(44) 693-2526
Mobile Phone Numbers:


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