Jed’s Island Resort

Jed’s Island Resort Review

Jed’s Island Resort is resort located at Calumpit .This resort in Calumpit offer great amenities like kiddie activities for the whole family.There are activities to do in the resort. Guests get to enjoy the food services (cafe/resto).

The resort is also close to some of the best food locations in Calumpit .One can easily go food tripping to places like Hapag,InfinityMeals and Balai Serafin.

For an extended adventure in Calumpit you can also drive around the place. Local tourist spots less than an hour drive from the resort are Amana Waterpark,Barasoain Church and Sky Ranch San Fernando Pampanga.

Jed’s Island Resort Features

Top Resort Features:

Jed’s Island Resort Accommodations

The rooms of the resort / hotel have air conditioning.There are rooms in the resort / hotel for overnight stay.Please be sure to have a reservation for your planned stay. Walk – ins, especialy those that want to stay overnight, may not be accommodated during peak seasons.

Things you may want to know when booking:
  • The place also offers food through the restaurant. You may want to check this out before venturing to another place.
  • All rooms in the hotel / resort are properly designed and well ventilated.
  • There are a variety of family oriented activity in the resort, perfect for the whole family.
  • There are a variety of family oriented activity in the resort, perfect for the whole family.
  • This hotel serves breakfast, and is inclusive.
  • Parking is of course provided for by the resort.
  • Rooms have fridge and some appliance for your convenience.
  • Parking is of course free and safe.
  • If you have more needs and you are feeling like a baby, dont worry, they have room service.
  • Contact Details

    Address: McArthur Highway | Gatbuca, Calumpit, Luzon 3003, Philippines

    If you own Jed’s Island Resort Please contact us and let us know for any issues regading the information below. We would like to hear from you. You can also give us more details about the resort and we would gladly update our files.

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