Lead Marine Resort and Pool

Lead Marine Resort and Pool Review

Lead Marine Resort and Pool is resort located at San Jose del Monte .

Lead Marine Resort and Pool Features

Top Resort Features:

Lead Marine Resort and Pool Accommodations

There are 10 rooms in the resort / hotel for overnight stay.Please be sure to have a reservation for your planned stay. Walk – ins, especialy those that want to stay overnight, may not be accommodated during peak seasons.

Things you may want to know when booking:
  • Breakfast is included in the room rates.
  • A swimming pool is available in the resort/hotel. This is the perfect treat for a summer hot sun.
  • This establishments offers ample space for parking, all free.
  • The resort has room service.
  • The place also operates a restaurant, so it is ok if you do not bring in any food for your tour.
  • The internet connection is free for all guests.
  • Safe and free parking is of course available.
  • Parking is of course provided for by the resort.
  • There is a good sized banquet room in the hotel for events like weddings, debuts, seminars and conferences.
  • Contact Details

    Address: San Jose del Monte, Luzon, Philippines

    If you own Lead Marine Resort and Pool Please contact us and let us know for any issues regading the information below. We would like to hear from you. You can also give us more details about the resort and we would gladly update our files.

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