La Pulilan Riverview Resort, Hotel and Restaurant

La Pulilan Riverview Resort is located at Longos, Pulilan, Bulacan. This resort has 1 adult swimmin gpool and 1 kiddie pool. Their accommodation consists of 4 bed rooms with air-conditioning and 2 fan rooms and 1 nipa hut bed room. This is a relatively small resort in Bulacan compared to its wave pool counterpart, but quite (and really) enjoyable. The best thing about these resorts is the privacy that you have. You don’t have to worry about crowding. You get to have the same enjoyment.

Experience pristine moments with your family, friends and loved ones here. Their pools are actually quite good in size and constructed adjacent to one another. a Billiard Hall is also available to kill some dull moments. There are a lot of picnic hut available right beside the pool for the day trippers. The ambiance offers a green environment, providing fresh air to their visitors. A slide is available for the active young ones (and the young at heart of course).



  • 1 Adult pool
  • 4 Bedroom Cottages with Air-Conditioning, water heater and bathtub
  • 2 Units Bedroom ( Fan only )
  • 1 Unit Nipa Hut Bedroom
  • Billiards
  • 1 Kiddie pool
  • 1 Adult pool
  • Playground
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Entrance fees: (Adults), (Kids)

  • Nipa Hut Bedroom
  • Bedroom Cottages

Contact La Pulilan Riverview Resort, Hotel and Restaurant

Address:  Longos, Pulilan, 3005, Philippines
Contact Person:
Telephone Numbers:  +63 44 676 1711
Mobile Phone Numbers:  +63(918)929-5506